29 Years of Excellence in Physiotherapy Education

Career Opportunities

In India Physiotherapy is a flourishing carrer option. There are ample employment opportunities for the physiotherapists in government and private sectors.
There are numerous clinics, hospitals health departments, private nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, Fitness centers, Sports clubs and also as ergonomists in IT industries. They can be self employed by starting private practice. Physiotherapist can opt for research and development works and can also select teaching in institutions. They are complied in the school for mentally retarded and physically challenged children, defense, medical establishments and rehabilitation centers for the handicapped

Physiotherapists are in demand in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Gulf, Malaysia and Singapore
The scope is wide and vast.


Recognizing that physiotherapy is an essential core health service that is well positioned to play an active role in transforming the health system from an illness focus to a viable and relevant health system:

Physiotherapists are essential, accessible, primary health care professionals who lead in the promotion, improvement and maintenance of the mobility, health and well - being of patients.


Leadership through best practice, incorporates knowledge generation, synthesis, transfer and adoption.

Essential – Physiotherapists are integral to the health system and vital to the achievement of positive functional mobility outcomes for patients

Primary Health Care - The delivery of the right services at the right time and the right place to a defined population incorporating the concepts of primary care, the promotion of health and well-being and improving population health